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NUMERIC HPE I 33 10-120KVA UPS is a true online 3/3 UPS System with VFI-SS-111 (Voltage and Frequency Independent) classification in compliance with IEC EN 62040-3 Standards that provides the user with clean power for continuous operation of critical load, regardless of any disturbance on the upstream AC power.

  • Input current distortion < 3%
  • Input power factor 0.99
  • Power walk-in function to guarantee a progressive rectifier start-up.
  • Load Power Factor 0.9 and suitable for powering capacitive loads, such as blade servers, without any reduction in active power(0.9 lead to 0.8lag)
  • Configurable Power Share connections to ensure backup for the most critical loads or programmed to operate only when main power fails.
  • Cold Start facility that starts the UPS even when it is not connected to the mains.