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We offer CVCF (constant voltage & constant frequency). Our constant voltage constant frequency stabilizers (CVCF) consistently maintain a flow of constant voltage and constant frequency at the output against input supply of electricity that varies.

CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency )
Ultimate Solutions For Colour Sorter Machines Power Problems:

  • Provides Constant Voltage.
  • Provides Constant Frequency
  • Ensures Instant Voltage
  • rovides the lead from supply advertisers

Operating Principle

  • Unregulated raw input supply from MAINS/Generator is floored/stabilised
  • Filtered power is brought under control of allgorithm by switching circuits
  • Time listed micro controller technology & reliable IGBT devised ensure that output of CVCF , is Constant Voltage Constant Frequency


  • Electronically operated equipment deploying reliable technology
  • Always steady voltage at the output 220 V
  • Always steady frequency at the output 50HZ
  • Isolated output free from surges
  • Instantaneous Protections
  • Instantaneous Voltage Correction
  • Enhances Application life spam