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Late sixties & early seventies, witnessed concept of UPS getting strong foothold in various application areas. Thyristor based designs were more prevent in USA, Europe Japan. In early Nineties we decided to develop indigenous UPS design, by using IGBT & MOSFET. We founded supertech power systems. With a strong R & D base and gathered a dedicated team of engineers. In last 6 years the country fading critical shortage of clean & stable power, Supertech power systems UPS’s challenges have grown in leaps & bounds. Today we with our strong workforce of 25, working around Mumbai, intend to strive further to design, produce a high quality, state of the art UPSs, Inverters, Converters and enhance their core competence in Power Electronics.


We shall be the leader in UPS technology which fully meet our customers’ requirements all the time, at the lowest cost of ownership and will continusly improve thereupon.

Supertech believes in ground level development & flexibility in adopting new situation and demand is remarkable. Supertech has thrived on challenges and tackled many areas of power electronics and delivered customized solution to suit various requirements.

SUPERTECH is committed to provide round the clock support to its esteemed customers. With a large customer base practically from all fields. Supertech is a trusted name in Power Electronics.

Supertech continues to give leading edge technology, backed up by learning Indian experience built in. All these claims are supported by the fact that Supertech continues to grow indepently even in this new era of liberalization, when almost every other competitor has to take shelter with somebody.

So, when it comes to UPS and power Electronics equipment you can always trust supertech, the longest serving UPS Company.


  • Custom built UPS Systems
  • CVT
  • Custom built industrial battery charger unit
  • Isolation transformer
  • AVR
  • Static Frequency Converters (60, 83, 33, 400 Hz)
  • Stabilizers
  • Invereters for solar photovoltaic power plants


  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Double conversion On-line system
  • Advanced Rectifier Version with SMPS based Charger
  • State-of-the-art technology with instantaneous Sinewave Control
  • Exceptional performance with Non-Linear loads
  • Input to output Galvanic Isolation
  • Superior Dynamic Response
  • RS 232 Computer Interface. SMS Software


  • Software Export (through satellite links)
  • V-SAT Communications
  • Cellular Phone Services (ORANGE, BPL)
  • On-line Stock Trading (BSE, NSE)
  • Satellite Control
  • Medical Diagnostics (ICU, etc)
  • And many more...